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Job Performance Review System
Now includes Goal Setting and Conflict Resolution modules
Immediate Benefits for Your Company:
  • Increase profits right away
  • Transform your managers into leaders
  • Faster production, with better quality
  • Inspire more team spirit
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Retain your best people
  • Weed out destructive employees
  • Your Answer and Solution... Now There's a Better Way!
    What is Hybrid Management?
    Hybrid Management uses practical tools to maintain two-way communication between an organization's managers and employees, helping them build upon their respective strengths in order to meet a company's financial goals and uphold its mission.

    Honest Testimonials:
    "We will never go back to the old, boring, unproductive way of doing employee job performance reviews."
    Gordon Zlot
    CEO KZST Radio
    "This Performance Review method was instrumental in our winning the award for the fastest growing credit union for 5 years in a row."
    Tom Sargent, CEO First Technology Credit Union
    Management rules and problems are the same all over the world - countries where The Hybrid Management System has been purchased.
    "Whatever type of business, you are about to take a giant leap forward in how you think about employee performance reviews. You'll be amazed of what used to be dreaded and awkward, is now something that you and your employees can actually look forward to."
    - Dr Mary Graves


    7 Sins of Employee Reviews


    Job Performance Review

    Job Performance Review and recognition is a clearly defined and ongoing process that contributes to positive communication, mutual respect, improved employee performance, individual growth, and career development.


    Goal Setting

    Wait wait! Before you go glassy eyed thinking about goals, follow the HM goal planning sheet which will walk you through the steps to set a great goal and put all the pieces in place. Every company...


    Conflict Resolution

    How much is worker tension costing your company? Once you have this tool, conflicts never have to drag you down. This amazing HM conflict resolution process turns workplace conflicts into a positive mutual goal.

    Some of our Many Happy Clients, all Successfully Using the Hybrid Management System